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Article: Tesla Model 3 Highland Interior Accessories for a Tidy Ride

Tesla Model 3 Highland Interior Accessories for a Tidy Ride

Tesla Model 3 Highland Interior Accessories for a Tidy Ride

Owning a Model 3 Highland isn't just about driving a stunning electric vehicle. It's about experiencing a personalized sanctuary on wheels. 

Maintaining the Model 3's sleek and minimalist interior requires more than regular trips to the car wash. Here are some accessories to keep your Model 3 Highland looking fresh, feeling Zen, and maximizing your driving experience and long-term investment.

Tesla Model 3 highland interior
  • Tempered Glass Anti-Scratch Screen Protector: Shield your Model 3's captivating infotainment system from fingerprints, scratches, and accidental spills with a high-quality tempered glass protector.
  • Floor Mats: Elevate your Model 3's footwells with durable, weatherproof mats. Choose custom-fit options that hug the contours for seamless protection against dirt, mud, and everyday wear and tear.
  • Hidden Storage Compartment for the Model 3 Highland's Armrest: Enhance the functionality of your Model 3's armrest with a hidden storage compartment. This discreet addition optimizes space and contributes to a clutter-free environment, allowing you to stow away personal items with ease.
  • An Organizer for the Tesla Model 3's Center Console: Maintain order in the center console of your Model 3 Highland with a purpose-built organizer. This accessory ensures that essentials are readily accessible, promoting efficiency while preserving Tesla's interior's sleek and minimalist design.
  • Plate Protectors for the Trunk and Frunk: Safeguard your Model 3's spacious trunk and frunk from scratches and scuffs with custom-molded rubber or plastic protectors. Load groceries, sporting equipment, or luggage confidently, knowing the pristine surfaces underneath remain flawless.
tesla model 3 interior accessories

Bonus Touches for Personalization

  • Trash and Storage Bin for the Center Console: Maintain a pristine interior and easy access to waste disposal with a sleek, integrated trash bin that fits seamlessly into the Model 3's center console.
  • Carbon Fiber Center Console Cover: Add a carbon fiber console cover to enhance the minimalist theme of the Model 3's interior while protecting the original surface from scratches and wear.
  • Model 3 Dashboard Wrap: Personalize your driving experience with a vinyl dashboard wrap. Choose from various textures and colors to complement your style and create a unique driving space.
  • Pet Cover for the Tesla Model 3's Seats: Keep your furry companions comfortable and contained with a pet seat cover. These durable covers protect your Model 3 Highland's seats from scratches and messes, ensuring hassle-free adventures with your four-legged friends.

Investing in Model 3 interior accessories is crucial for a fresh and stylish interior. Elevate your driving experience by exploring these accessories that enhance aesthetics and functionality.

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