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Article: Tesla Posts Its Cybertruck Off-Roading Checklist

Tesla Posts Its Cybertruck Off-Roading Checklist

Tesla Posts Its Cybertruck Off-Roading Checklist

The Cybertruck is a force to be reckoned with, ready to tackle any off-road adventure you set your sights on. But before you head out into the wild, it's crucial to be prepared for anything the terrain throws your way. This is especially true if you are quite new to the off-road scene. 

Here's your essential checklist to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and responsible off-road excursion, according to Tesla's official Cybertruck off-road guide.

1. Route Matters - Plan Your Path

Map your route, consult weather reports, and familiarize yourself with the terrain you'll encounter. Research trails beforehand and be aware that conditions can change rapidly. Inform someone of your plans and download offline maps for areas with limited internet access.

2. Pack Smart, Be Prepared

Equip your Cybertruck with essential supplies for emergencies: a spare tire, jack, air compressor (available on the Tesla Shop), food, water, warm clothes, a charged phone, and a flashlight. Consider bringing recovery gear like a kinetic rope, soft shackles, traction boards, and a shovel for extra peace of mind.

3. Balance is Key - Evenly Distribute Vehicle Load

Cybertruck performs best when weight is evenly distributed across the front and rear axles. If towing a trailer, understand its tongue weight contribution and consider leaving it behind for more challenging trails.

4. Safety First, So Secure Your Passengers and Cargo

Ensure all passengers are buckled up securely. Stow or secure any loose items in the cargo bed or frunk. Remember, the tonneau cover is not watertight and won't prevent dust from entering the bed, while the frunk remains a dry zone unless submerged.

5. Make Sure Cybertruck Is Charged Up

Plan your route with charging in mind. Charge your Cybertruck beforehand and locate nearby Superchargers for post-adventure top-ups. Remember, energy consumption increases off-road and varies with terrain.

6. Lower Tire Pressure If Needed

Lower tire pressure at your destination for improved traction on sand or rocks. This increases contact with the ground, enhancing grip and reducing puncture risks. However, be mindful of exceeding the suggested lower limit (36 PSI for stock wheels and tires) to avoid de-beading.

7. Remove Accessories As Needed

Remove wheel aero covers and front fascia wheel fairings to prevent damage from off-road obstacles. Consider removing rear wheel rocker fairings for extreme adventures. Refer to the Cybertruck service manual for removal and replacement instructions. For ultimate protection, explore Tesla's off-road vehicle armor that safeguards the battery and replaces rockers with functional rock sliders.

By following these simple steps, you'll be well-prepared to embark on unforgettable off-road adventures with your Cybertruck. Remember, responsible off-roading is a journey of exploration, discovery, and respect for the environment. So, pack your gear, adjust your settings, and get ready to experience the thrill of the outdoors in your Cybertruck. 

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