Tesla starts showing off OEM Cybertruck wraps in stores

The Tesla Cybertruck is already an eye-catching vehicle, but at the same time, it is also one that you can easily customize to your liking. This has resulted in the Cybertruck being wrapped in all sorts of designs since it was released. Tesla has even launched its own color paint film wraps for the Cybertruck, though they are very premium-priced.

Tesla seems to be leaning into promoting the Cybertruck’s OEM color paint film, with wrapped vehicles now being displayed in some of the company’s stores. One Tesla showroom in particular had a Cybertruck display unit, but it was wrapped in the company’s $6,000 satin ceramic white color paint film. The white color paint film looked great with the Cybertruck, giving it some real Stormtrooper vibes.

Most of Tesla’s color paint film are available for $6,500 including installation, though satin ceramic white, satin stealth black, and slip grey are available at a slightly more affordable price of $6,000. Some of these wraps have been spotted in the wild, and they look pretty darn good.

What is quite cool about Cybertruck wraps is the fact that they are pretty much limited only by your imagination. We at Teslarati have even started offering affordable DIY Cybertruck wrap kits so you can customize your all-electric pickup truck easily even from the comfort of your own home. Or if you prefer it, we can wrap your Cybertruck for you, too! Here are some samples of our work.

The Tesla Cybertruck has only been around for a few months but has already become iconic. Even professional reviewers are stunned by the all-electric pickup truck. With such a vehicle in your garage, there seems to be very few reasons why you should not customize the Cybertruck to your liking. It's already a blank slate to a point, so it’s just waiting for your unique touch to truly bring out its personality.   

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Featured Image Credit: Ian Zelbo/X