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Article: Top 5 Tesla Model 3 (Highland) Features That Owners Love

Top 5 Tesla Model 3 (Highland) Features That Owners Love

Top 5 Tesla Model 3 (Highland) Features That Owners Love

The upgraded Tesla Model 3, better known in EV circles as Project Highland, is now starting deliveries in the United States. The vehicle has received critical acclaim since its was released last year in China and in countries that are supplied by Giga Shanghai. So far, the consensus among reviewers suggests that the new Model 3 is a vehicle that owners could easily love. 

We at Teslarati completely agree with this consensus. As we outline below, there are a lot of things to love about the upgraded Model 3, and many of them are related to what could appear as small but pivotal updates that Tesla has implemented on the all-electric mainstream sedan. Following then are five features of the upgraded Model 3 that owners would surely love. 

All-Around Acoustic Glass


The previous generation Tesla Model 3 was a great vehicle, but it was not perfect. One of the biggest complaints from owners was the fact that it suffers from wind and road noise. Tesla would address some of these complaints by equipping the previous generation Model 3 with acoustic glass in the windows forward of the B-pillar. Doing this helped, but it was difficult to argue with the fact that the Model 3 could be better when it comes to wind and road noise.

With the Model 3 Highland, Tesla opted to equip all of the all-electric sedan’s windows with acoustic glass. This results in the upgraded Model 3’s cabin being 20% quieter. Road and wind noise can be more noticeable in an electric car because EVs do not have the typical noises and vibrations of an internal combustion engine, so the 20% improvement in the quietness of the Model 3 Highland's cabin is substantial. 

Auto Shift Out of Park


The upgraded Tesla Model 3 no longer has driving stalks. This means that shifting gears would now require the use of the vehicle’s main infotainment system, or in cases of emergency, touch-based buttons that flank the upgraded Model 3’s hazards. While the benefits of this change are still yet to be fully seen, one cannot deny that the addition of Auto Shift Out of Park for the new Model 3 is a welcome change. 

As per the upgraded Model 3’s Owner’s Manual, Auto Shift Out of Park automatically selects Drive or Reverse based on the vehicle’s detected surroundings. This may seem like a fairly minor feature, but it is extremely convenient. There was a reason why Auto Shift Out of Park was exclusively a feature for the flagship Model S and Model X, after all. 

Rear Touchscreen


Teslas are known for their large, tablet-like infotainment systems, as could be seen in the 15” display that dominates the dashboard of the Model 3. This was especially evident in the previous generation Model 3, as the vehicle’s controls are all centered on the infotainment system in front. With the upgraded Tesla Model 3, Tesla extended this concept by equipping the vehicle with another display for rear passengers. 

The new Model 3’s rear touchscreen is quite feature-rich, as it can be used to access and adjust the vehicle's rear climate control system. It could also be used to stream songs on services like Spotify, or videos from services such as Netflix. 

Ventilated Seats


The previous generation Model 3 already had a pretty amazing set of seats. But Tesla is a company that is never content to stay in one place. Thus, for the upgraded Model 3, the electric vehicle maker opted to make its mainstream sedan’s seats better. How did they do this? By making them ventilated, of course. With ventilated seats, the Model 3 becomes even more comfortable, which is something that owners would most definitely appreciate, especially during long drives. 

17 Speakers (for Long Range Dual Motor AWD)


The previous generation Model 3 had a wonderful sound system, as is the case with Tesla’s electric cars. The new Model 3, however, features a whopping 17 speakers, adding a second subwoofer and amplifier to the mix. The result of these additions is a listening experience that features more crisp and massive sounds. The upgraded Model 3 even has an extra microphone thrown in for good measure, so your voice sounds better and clearer during phone calls. 

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