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Tesla Model 3 Adjustable Sway Bars

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Specify Set:

Specify Set

Hardware Kit (For SR/SR+ Only, Rear Sway):

Hardware Kit (For SR/SR+ Only, Rear Sway)

Developed in conjunction with development driving by Randy Pobst, the Unplugged Performance adjustable sway bar system is an easily felt upgrade to the Tesla Model 3’s handling. Body roll will be reduced immediately after installation and you’ll also feel improved chassis balance & tracking. Three easy adjustments front and rear allow fine-tuning to your driving style. Improved high-performance polyurethane bushings included.

Trusted and used on multiple record-setting time attack builds as well as hundreds of daily driven cars around the world.  See us beat a McLaren F1’s time at Tsukuba Circuit and set the Buttonwillow Lap Record below with our Street & Track spec sway bars.

*** Front & Rear Sets are optimized for sizing and extensively tested to work in balance. For maximum performance, we suggest the full paired set. Individual rear sway bar orders include a slightly different spec bar (three-way adjustable as well) that is tested and paired for the factory front sway bar.

*** Racing & Competition versions are designed for cars with racing slicks and/or extreme use demanding an even larger rear bar.  Track testing results will be announced in the future.

*** SR and SR+ Model 3s will require additional parts as they do not come with a rear sway bar.

Parts Needed:  4 M10 1.5X25 Flange Bolts; OEM Endlinks; Part Numbers 1044491-00-E  Rear Left 1044496-00-E Rear Right.



  • Tesla standard 29mm front sway bar rate: 650 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate soft: 740 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate medium: 890 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 31.8mm front sway bar rate firm: 1075 lbs/in


  • Tesla standard 16mm (19.6mm on Performance) rear sway bar rate: 40 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate soft: 114 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate medium: 130 lbs/in
  • Unplugged Performance 22.2mm rear sway bar rate firm: 150 lbs/in
  • Racing & Competition sizing exceeds 25mm and the three adjustable bar rates are unpublished but are a significant increase in rate.

Benefits Includes

  • Development driving and optimization by Randy Pobst (Tesla’s track mode driving developer).
  • Perfectly paired front/rear as a dialed in kit, backed by real world street and track testing.
  • Reduced body roll during cornering improves the driving experience and enhances driver confidence.
  • Less body roll means more consistent and improved tire adhesion (contact patch).
  • Harder polyurethane (PU) sway bar bushings improve sway response. The bushings deflect less and respond faster, so the roll control is immediate.
  • A sport-tuned sway bar upgrade improves chassis balance and generally reduces understeer or “push” in the front suspension.
  • Faster steering response and reduced body roll without sacrificing daily comfort or adjusting spring rates.
  • Can be enjoyed on a completely stock car, as is (also equally great on fully tuned track cars).
  • Firm settings are future-proof and optimized for cars with full slicks and track high downforce aero, soft/medium settings suitable for daily driven cars.