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Article: Tesla Cybertruck Wrap DIY Kit Tips

Tesla Cybertruck Wrap DIY Kit Tips

Tesla Cybertruck Wrap DIY Kit Tips

More Tesla Cybertrucks are bound to hit the road this year as the automaker ramps production at Gigafactory Texas. As more of the vehicles hit the road, Tesla Cybertruck wraps are becoming a hot topic.

There are usually DIY vinyl wrap kits available for anyone who wants to wrap their cars themselves. Tesla Cybertruck DIY wraps kits will become more common as the all-electric pickup truck continues production, too.

Tesbros Tesla Cybertruck wrap in Satin Flip Volcanic Flare

(Credit: Tesbros)

Below are some tips if you are considering the idea of wrapping your own Cybertruck using a DIY vinyl wrap kit.

Tesla Cybertruck Wrap Tips

  1. Make sure you have a clean, smooth surface.  Usually car owners have to make sure the paint job on their vehicle is smooth. With its stainless steel exoskeleton, Tesla Cybertruck owners don’t have to worry about uneven paint or chips. Dents may still be a concern, but the Cybertruck is durable.

  2. Apply Cybertruck wraps in a clean environment. Dust, debris, and even bugs might find their way under car wraps sometimes, ruining the wrap’s finish sometimes.

  3. Have all your tools on hand before wrapping your Cybertruck. Some of the tools you might need are listed below:

    • Grease

    • Wax remover

    • General cleaners

    • Isopropyl alcohol (70% or 90%)

    • Lint-free cloths

    • A squeegee

    • A utility knife

    • Cutting tape

    • A heat gun

    • A Infrared thermometer

    • Cotton wrap gloves

Tesla Cybertruck color paint film black
Tesla Cybertruck color paint film white

Currently Tesla sells Cybertruck color paint film for $6,000. The company offers two styles, satin black and satin white, and the price includes installation. Using DIY wrap kits for the Cybertruck would open up more color options for you, and save you a few thousand bucks, too. Getting your car professionally wrapped usually costs around $6,000 to $10,000 or more.

Some Cybertruck owners wrapped their new Tesla pickup trucks using DIY vinyl wrap kits. Tesla Cybertruck wraps have mostly been limited to solid colors, but still make a striking statement given that its an eye-catching vehicle without the wrap. Cybertruck wraps do add a little bit of personality to the truck though.

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