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Article: Why You Need a Tesla Model 3 Screen Protector for the Infotainment System

Why You Need a Tesla Model 3 Screen Protector for the Infotainment System

Why You Need a Tesla Model 3 Screen Protector for the Infotainment System

The Tesla Model 3 Highland has finally hit roads in North America. Refresh Model 3 reservation holders are likely already looking for car accessories for their new Tesla. A screen protector for the Model 3 Highland's infotainment system should be at the top of the list of car accessories to buy. 

Understanding the significance of a Tesla screen protector goes beyond mere aesthetics. Beyond safeguarding against fingerprint smudges, it acts as a barrier against scratches and general wear and tear, preserving the screen's clarity. Screen protectors also reduce glare, enhancing the visibility of the infotainment's display.

Recognizing the pivotal role of the infotainment system in Tesla vehicles is essential for any Model 3 owner. The Model 3's infotainment system serves as the control center for various Tesla features and functionalities, which is the main reason it must be kept in tip-top shape. 


Top Tesla Model 3 Infotainment System Controls

  • Navigation: The Tesla navigation system offers a range of features comparable to other platforms like Waze but on a larger scale and with Tesla-specific enhancements. From Automatic Navigation to Trip Planner, a screen protector ensures clear visibility, facilitating safe and efficient navigation while driving a Tesla Model 3.
  • Car Status: Model 3's infotainment screen provides critical information for drivers as it displays essential vehicle functions like those on a traditional instrument cluster. By maintaining visibility, a screen protector enables drivers to monitor their car's status without distraction.
  • Drive Mode Strip: A Tesla's infotainment screen facilitates essential functions like shifting gears from Park to Drive or Reverse. With a screen protector, drivers can seamlessly engage with these controls.
  • General Car Controls: The refresh Model 3's touchscreen enables drivers to manage car functions effortlessly from climate control to media features and more. Protecting this interface ensures accessibility and functionality across all controls, contributing to a seamless driving experience for Model 3 Highland owners.

Ensuring the longevity and functionality of this integral component is vital to maximizing the Tesla Model 3's driving experience.

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