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Ultra-light Titanium Lug Nuts for Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y (Full Set of 20)

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For the discerning Tesla performance enthusiast that has a no-compromises mentality, Teslarati is proud to bring you this complete set of (20) Superlight Titanium Lug Nuts. Compatible with Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y.

Machined from 100% Grade 5 Titanium (Ti 6AL-4V), best known for its use in aerospace products due to its lightweight, high-strength and corrosion-resistant properties, this custom lug nut set for your Tesla is machined to perfectly match the factory lug nuts and ensure proper seating for a precision fit.

Now Available in Black

Titanium, when subjected to high heat during manufacturing, will give off an iridescent blue-purple hue that's highly sought after among performance junkies.

However, for those that prefer a more subtle look but with all of the benefits of titanium, we are now offering the Titanium lug nuts with a nanocomposite Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating that has similar characteristics as diamonds (corrosion-resistant, high hardness, and extremely durable). 

Why replace Tesla's factory lug nuts?

Well, for one, Tesla's factory lug nuts are made from softer alloys and have an outer shell that can distort and strip, prompting Tesla Model S, X, Model 3, and Model Y owners to switch to aftermarket lug nuts for their superior strength over the factory lug nuts.

In fact, Teslarati decided to test this Titanium Lug Nut set after experiencing our own set of frustrations when we were unable to do a wheel change due to deformation in the factory lug nuts.

We replaced the factory set with a commonly recommended aftermarket lug nut set by a reputable manufacturer, yet were unsatisfied with the fitment due to the improper seat angle with the factory wheels.

Image below: Popular aftermarket lug nut vs. Tesla factory lug nut vs. Titanium lug nut for Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y.


Tesla Lug Nuts: Specifications 

  • Accepts Tesla's factory lug nut covers
  • Superlight with 46% weight savings over factory lug nuts. Removing unsprung weight can offer a myriad of improvements, some of which include better steering feel and more efficient transfer of motor power to the pavement! 
  • 21mm socket
  • Lug nut torque spec: 129 lb-ft. Recommended torque wrench: Precision Instruments 1/2" drive torque wrench with Flex Head

Why is this so expensive?

Titanium is a rare metal on earth and that in it of itself commands a higher raw material cost than other commonly found metals like steel and aluminum.

Aside from that, Titanium comes in various grades that can affect pricing. Teslarati's experience with worn and stripped factory lug nuts and improper seating from other very popular aftermarket lug nuts on the market prompted us to seek out only the best grade for our cars.

These ultra-light Titanium lug nuts are made from high a Grade 6AL – 4V (6-4, Grade 5), an alloy where titanium is bonded with Aluminum and Vanadium to produce even higher strength. The combination yields an even higher cost to fabricate.