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Wrap My Tesla Cybertruck

Sale price$6,966.00 Regular price$8,376.00


All Colors Available! ( Let's talk about your color choice! )

Tesla Cybertruck Wrap Service

It's no secret that wrapping your Tesla Cybertruck with color change vinyl is by far the hottest upgrade among owners and would-be owners of this stainless steel invincible beast! Stand apart and showcase your individuality!

We'll work with you on selecting your choice of colors! Some of our team's favorite colors below.


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Call Us!  A rep will schedule you with an in-house expert.

Custom color selection by a customer at TESLARATI - Livermore, CA. We worked with this client on choosing from various vinyl samples to create this ultimate, tactical-looking Cybertruck!


Tesla Cybertruck with Satin Black Wrap (TESLARATI - Livermore, CA)

Tesla Cybertruck with Gloss Black Wrap (TESLARATI - Livermore, CA)

Flip Deep Space Gloss Wrap (Beautiful color change from Black to Deep Blue to Purple Hues depending on lighting) installed by TESLARATI (Livermore, CA)

    Wrap My Tesla Cybertruck
    Wrap My Tesla Cybertruck Sale price$6,966.00 Regular price$8,376.00