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Tesla Cybertruck DIY Vinyl Wrap Kit (Color Change)

Sale price$2,213.00 Regular price$3,321.00

All Colors Available! ( Inquire about a color and discounted installation )

Tesla Cybertruck DIY Color Change Vinyl Wrap Kit

It's no secret that wrapping your Tesla Cybertruck with color change vinyl is by far the hottest upgrade among owners and would-be owners of this stainless steel invincible beast! Stand apart and showcase your individuality with this COMPLETE and seamless Cybertruck DIY Vinyl Wrap Kit by our friends at TesBros.

Tesla Cybertruck with Gloss Black Wrap installed by TESLARATI (Livermore, CA)

Flip Deep Space Gloss Wrap (Beautiful color change from Black to Deep Blue to Purple Hues depending on lighting) installed by TESLARATI (Livermore, CA)


  • A true DIY Made Easy: This Cybertruck DIY vinyl kit by our friends at TesBros is designed for beginners. Each vinyl piece is divided into manageable precut sections, and includes all the tools you need! 
  • Premium Quality: Each vinyl panel is cut from the highest quality material - Avery SW900 Supreme. While 3M is also available and a great product, TESLARATI's experience with Avery vs 3M suggests that Avery is easier to apply and the colors, especially Satin finishes are richer. Here's a good look at Avery vs 3M finishes on a Tesla.
  • 24/7 Support: Each kit includes an invitation to a comprehensive set of detailed online installation guides that walk you through the entire process - section by section. From preparation to maintenance, TesBros provides step-by-step instructions, ensuring a flawless and professional Cybertruck wrap job!


  • Precut Cybertruck vinyl panels
  • Special prep kit to clean your Cybertruck
  • Heat gun
  • Squeegee set
  • Tucking tools
  • Foundation Badge Install Kit
  • Vinyl Practice Kit
  • Online Step-by-Step Install Course

Installation Tips


Is it easy to install?

This kit is made for beginners in mind and does not require prior knowledge. Compared to other Tesla models, the Cybertruck is flatter and with little curvature, which makes it even easier to apply vinyl. The only thing needed is enthusiasm!

The kit contains a complete installation guide that's broken down by vehicle area to make installation simple. You can wrap each section of the vehicle with little time pressure and at your leisure. 

Can I have My Cybertruck Wrapped for Me?

We would be happy to wrap your Cybertruck for you! 

Our team at the TESLARATI Customer Center in Livermore, CA (nearby to the Tesla Warehouse in Livermore) wrap and tinting services available. Every Cybertruck starts with a professional exterior detailing service wherein all contaminants are removed with spotless water and specifically formulated clay bar for the stainless steel, before undergoing a complete vehicle color change wrap!

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Should I get Matte, Satin, or Gloss finish?

This is purely subjective to taste, however based on TESLARATI's past experiences with in-house customer cars and sales figures on Tesla DIY kits, Satin is the most popular finish.

Matte - A refined elegance with a subtle sheen, offering a polished finish without excessive reflectivity.

SatinA smooth subtle sheen, offering a polished appearance without excessive reflectivity.

GlossA vibrant shine, creating a sleek and polished appearance with a reflective finish.

Why this Cybertruck DIY Vinyl Wrap Kit?

We have had experience comparing various vendors for Model Y and Model 3 

DIY chrome delete & PPF kits in the past, and ultimately opted for TesBros kits for their execution in producing truly easy-to-install kits for the beginner. Not all vinyl wrap kits are the same and having well -thought-out sectioned cuts (allowing you to peel backing section by section vs. all at once) and solid transfer paper makes a world of a difference when installing vinyl!

Better kits lead to ease of support, and ultimately happier customers =)

Do you have additional questions? We'd love to help answer them!

    Tesla Cybertruck DIY Vinyl Wrap Kit (Color Change)
    Tesla Cybertruck DIY Vinyl Wrap Kit (Color Change) Sale price$2,213.00 Regular price$3,321.00