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Tesla Model 3 Print - "Seasons" in 16"x20"

Sale price$139.00



Thrill your office or home with this gorgeous print of the vehicle that sparked the electric car rEVolution - the Tesla Model 3! The all-original photograph is printed on professional grade paper and also available as an exclusive set that includes "Starlight". Picture frame not included.

The story behind this image.

"I spotted a majestic tree that stood proudly among the rolling hills and vineyards of wine country, as I drove through picturesque Napa Valley, California in my Model 3.

Red leaves set against the black asphalt, the changing of the leaves symbolized the passing of time and the dawn of a new era. I often wonder about the stories that these landscapes have experienced and could tell.

On this day, I couldn’t pass up the moment and parked my Model 3 beneath this beautiful tree to snap the following photo. It was the future meeting the past. A past that’s transcended time and witnessed cycles of life come and go, yet remains hopeful."

- Arash Malek (aka "Minimal Duck")




Tesla Model 3 photo - "Seasons" 16x20 print shown
Tesla Model 3 Print - "Seasons" in 16"x20" Sale price$139.00