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Article: Tesla Model 3 Highland Carbon Fiber Accessories Installation Tips

Tesla Model 3 Highland Carbon Fiber Accessories Installation Tips

Tesla Model 3 Highland Carbon Fiber Accessories Installation Tips

The Tesla Model 3 Highland is a sight to behold. But let's be honest, who wouldn't want to take their upgraded Model 3 to the next level? Tesla carbon fiber accessories are a popular and stylish way to do just that. Plus, it could enhance the performance of your new Model 3 Highland.

But before you dive headfirst into installing carbon fiber accessories onto your upgraded Model 3, there are a few key things to remember.

Prep like a Pro: Don't Skip this Crucial Step

  • Inspect your Carbon Fiber Accessories: Carefully inspect your carbon fiber accessories for any imperfections or damage. Scratches, cracks, or uneven finishes are not your friends. Contact the seller right away if you find anything amiss. Remember, quality matters!
  • Gather your Arsenal: Check if your carbon fiber kit comes with any installation hardware. If it does, consider yourself lucky and use those. Otherwise, ensure you have all the necessary tools, like drill bits, painter's tape, and cleaning supplies.
tesla model 3 highland carbon fiber spoiler

Drilling with Precision is Key

  • Pre-drilled or Not? Check if your carbon fiber accessories come pre-drilled. If not, prep for drilling. Cover the area you will be drilling into with painter's tape. Prepping with painter's tape will prevent the drill from snagging or chipping the carbon fiber. Mark the entry points with a marker on the painter's tape. 
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race: For new carbon fiber installers, use a small drill bit at first and gradually increase the size if needed. Drill slowly and gently, applying constant pressure. Pro tip: drill in the opposite direction to push resin residue out of the way.
tesla model 3 highland carbon fiber accessories
  • Say No to Self-Tappers (Unless...): Avoid self-tapping bolts whenever possible, as they can damage the carbon fiber. However, if self-tappers are your only option, pre-drill the holes and use them cautiously.
  • Indentations are Your Friends: Some carbon fiber accessories have indentations marking ideal bolt placement. Use washers that fit snugly within these indentations to avoid marring the surface.
  • Use Double-Sided Tape Wisely: Some people prefer avoiding double-sided tape when installing carbon fiber accessories. However, it can be helpful in certain applications. If you choose this route, remember to:
    • Clean the surfaces with alcohol for optimal adhesion.
    • Apply a primer specifically designed for carbon fiber accessories to the car surface.
    • Peel the tape backing of the double-sided tape gradually to ensure proper positioning. Align the carbon fiber part before entirely removing the backing of the double-sided tape.
    • Apply firm pressure to the carbon fiber piece for at least 30 seconds for a secure bond.

Installation: Mock Up and Mind your Edges

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Do a dry run before permanently attaching your carbon fiber parts. Hold them in place and take your time to ensure perfect alignment and placement. 
  • Painters' Tape to the Rescue (again): Cover the edges and any awkward parts of the carbon fiber with painter's tape. It will prevent accidental scratches or nicks during installation.

Bonus Tip

Take your time! Installing carbon fiber car accessories requires patience and precision. Don't rush the process, and enjoy the satisfaction of transforming your Tesla Model 3 Highland into a show-stopping stunner.

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