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Tesla Model S Door Handle Repair Kit (Gen 2)

Sale price$179.99 Regular price$199.00

Permanently fix your Tesla Model S door handles! 

The sudden failure of Tesla Model S self-presenting door handles is a common and often aggravating experience for many early owners.

The design of the earlier Model S door handle was comprised of cheaper, cast components that often led to failure, which Tesla finally addressed in the 3rd Gen of Model S door handles.

Under warranty, the answer is simple; call the service center, and schedule an appointment for a replacement.

However, many early Model S owners with the 1st and 2nd Gen door handles were stuck with an expensive bill that ran upwards of $1000.00 per self-presenting door handle. It also requires a special calibration that only the service center can perform.

In partnership with EV Tuning, TESLARATI is offering a comprehensive Model S Door Handle Rebuild Kit that any DIY person can tackle.

The kit includes a stronger machined stainless steel gear, a new e-clip for retaining the pivot gear on the shaft, Original Equipment Panasonic replacement micro-switches, push nuts to hold the vapor barrier securely, and new door panel clips. 


  • Stainless steel paddle gear (machined and significantly stronger than Tesla's cast unit)
  • e-clip retainer for securing pivot gear
  • Panasonic OEM replacement micro-switches (sourced directly from Japan) for existing Tesla P/N 1016009-00-C Harness.
  • Vapor barrier retainers
  • Door panel clips