Tesla Model Y All-Weather 3D MAXpider Floor Mats and Liners

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Update Nov 24, 2021: We're SHIPPING!

We received a batch of the New 3D MAXpider "Elitect" (small batch, arrived earlier than expected) as well as a shipment of the original (best-known) 3D MAXpider (Kagu) inventory and have begun processing shipments. Shipments are being prioritized by order date/time, with the earliest orders shipping first. First come, first serve, and until inventory is depleted.

NOTE: While we continue to ship mats each day, your complete floor mat set will likely be separated into multiple shipments over a period of time.  

Thank you for your continued patience. And most of all, thank you for your support!


2022-2021 Tesla Model Y floor mats by 3D MAXpider need no introduction. Voted #1 by Tesla owners as THE BEST floor mats due to their premium texture, precision fit, and unique triple-layer all-weather protection, which includes a grippy non-slip bottom layer. 

Have a Model Y 7-seater?  Only the front trunk ("frunk), row 1, and row 2 mats are universal and compatible with the 7-seater.

TESLARATI is an official partner of 3D MAXpider. 

Looking for SEATBACK PROTECTION / PET COVER? We got you covered!



What's so special about these mats?

Buyers of floor mats typically only focus on "all-weather protection" and overlook comfort and appearance when making a purchasing decision and later regretting it.

3D MAXpider floor mats and cargo liners (frunk and trunk) have become synonymous with being the BEST floor mats among the Tesla community due to its unique triple-layer design that not only provides maximum all-weather protection but also look amazing and provide COMFORT!

Unlike other Tesla floor mats on the market that look and feel more akin to industrial hard plastic and have no grip (especially when wet), 3D MAXpider mats have a luxurious, textured finish and appear "carpet-like" in appearance from its multi-layer design.

TESLARATI has purchased Tesla's factory all-weather mats and Weather Tech mats in the past, but in our personal everyday experiences as drivers, we always turned back to the 3D mats because of this comfort and ease of cleaning in real-world use.

Also, the modern texture is paired with a lightweight layer of XPE Foam Cushion that helps absorb road vibrations and reduce interior cabin noise.

Rear Cargo Liner Bonus

We're excited to announce that the 3D MAXpider upper rear cargo liners for Model Y will also include 2 additional pieces, specifically designed for the rear trunk "cubbies" that are located on each side of the trunk.

It's 100% protection that you won't find elsewhere!

Perfect for protecting the factory carpet from spills, drips, and overall dirt & debris from storing upright items (ie. wet umbrella, ice scrapers, car cleaning caddies, spray bottles, milk, groceries, etc) in the cubby.


What's the "Elitect" version?

TESLARATI is working with 3D MAXpider on launching a new "Elitect" 2022 line that's compatible with the newest 2022 and mid-year 2021 Tesla Model Y. The mats feature a revised look and are a great complement to an adventure lifestyle with deeper channels for trapping dirt and debris, along with slightly higher sidewalls.

Featuring the same 3D MAXpider unparalleled premium quality, lightweight design for ease of maintenance/cleaning, and anti-skid "Maxpider" bottom layer, the Elitect mats are currently available for Row 1 and Row 2 only.

Select "UPGRADE" from the dropdown to substitute your mat set to the new Elitect line.


Why are these mats so expensive?

Unlike roughly 99% of other floor mats on the market that are largely manufactured from the same cost-effective thermoplastic process that outputs a heavy and arguably "cheap-looking" industrial plastic mat, 3D MAXpider's unique 3-layer design addresses all the areas that consumers don't love about traditional plastic mats with their patented anti-slip bottom, lighter weight (won’t flop over and spill debris when removing), and ultra-premium texture.

The manufacturing for the multi-layer design not only gives your Tesla the best complementing premium look and protection over traditional thermoplastic mats, but the production process is also both time-consuming and yields higher material and labor costs. In a nutshell, 3D MAXpider mats are more expensive all around.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
C.E. Robinson
Love Mats, EDD a problem

Love the mats. They fit perfectly and stay in place w/ no sliding. Delivery took way too long. I ordered Oct 9. Didn’t recv until Nov 27.

Dick ZoutmN
Have not arrived yet!

They did not arrive!

Hugo Irizarry-Quinones
Awesome mats and perfect fit

Not much else to say… however, delivery took longer than expected due to supply chain issues in late 2021. Regardless, these mats are worth the wait!

Glenn Counsil

There were 4 mats missing from the order. The whole back half of the car.

Robert Maclean
Great fitment, so far would buy again

Read some reviews about these mats and I have to agree, they are great. One factor for me was the full length dead pedal coverage. I have nothing negative to say about them. I wish I had ordered them sooner as I had to wait quite a bit of time due to supply chain issues. No fault of Teslaratii though. I do appreciate the quick response by Teslarati to the few e-mails I had sent them regarding my order. Top notch customer service in addressing my questions.

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