Pamper Your Passenger Princess: 4 Tesla Model Y Car Accessories They'll Love

The Tesla Model Y's interior provides a comfortable and stylish environment for all passengers onboard. But your Passenger Princess (or Prince) deserves an elevated experience.

Pampering your Passenger Prince or Princess will require some extra thought and TLC. A few items or car accessories can turn your Tesla into the perfect chariot for royalty. 

Premium Air Freshener for the Model Y

Enhance your royal passenger's in-cabin ambiance with a Scentwedge air freshener. These air fresheners discreetly clip to the car's vent, releasing a subtle and long-lasting fragrance that keeps the interior smelling fresh and inviting. Choose from a variety of scents to personalize the experience.

Karaoke Microphone

Unleash their inner pop star with a karaoke microphone designed for use with Tesla's entertainment system. You can join in on the fun, too.

These microphones connect wirelessly, allowing your passenger to sing along to their favorite tunes as lyrics are displayed on the Tesla Model Y's central touchscreen. Look for microphones with high-quality sound and adjustable features for a truly immersive karaoke experience.

Tesla Wireless Game Controller

Transform downtime into playtime with a premium Tesla wireless game controller. Compatible with Tesla's gaming platform, these controllers allow you and your passenger to enjoy a vast library of games displayed on the large touchscreen. Wireless connectivity eliminates cord clutter and ensures a relaxed and comfortable gaming experience.

Enhanced Charging Solutions for the Tesla Model Y

 Modern devices require frequent charging. Equipping your Model Y with additional charging options caters to your passenger's needs. Consider installing a wireless charging pad conveniently integrated into the center console. A USB Hub with LED lights also provides extra USB ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously. The LED lights offer a convenient way to locate ports even in low-light conditions.

By incorporating these thoughtful car accessories, you can transform your Tesla Model Y into a haven of comfort, entertainment, and convenience for your Passenger Princess or Prince. These upgrades showcase your attentiveness and create an exceptional experience on every journey together.

Check out some of Teslarati's car accessories and pamper your Passenger Princess or Prince.