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Tesla Model Y Lithium 12V Battery (Ultra Lightweight, 4X Life)

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It's time to upgrade your 2022 (up to March) - 2020 Tesla Model Y 12V battery with a replacement, ultra-lightweight, bluetooth-enabled and performance 12V lithium battery!

Weighing in at only 8.5 lbs versus Model Y's super-heavy 20 lb lead-acid 12V battery, Ohmmu's 12V lithium battery is the battery that Tesla should have shipped from the factory!

4 years full-replacement warrantyProprietary 12V Lithium cell and BMS technology that is a drop-in replacement to your existing battery (no firmware changes needed)
Battery Management System prevents damage to the battery in extreme situations and also balances the battery cells to maintain the pack for longer service life!

Note: Group size B19 battery for use in the TESLA Model Y, 2020–2022.3. Spring 2022 and later models are NOT compatible (i.e. any vehicles with revised 15.5V low voltage battery systems).


  • Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Increased reliability, up to 4X lifecycle
  • Compatible with the Ohmmu App [DOWNLOAD iOS | Android], a monitoring and diagnostic tool
  • Battery Management System (BMS), Bluetooth-enabled- manages cell balancing for a long service life and protects your battery from high/low voltage, overcharge, high/low temperatures, and short circuits.
  • Self-heating technology inside warms battery during charging in extreme cold conditions as an extra layer of protection.
  • Less material waste (less batteries being used and less material in each battery)
  • Increased efficiency (Ohmmu 12v charges and discharges at a higher efficiency than Lead Acid/OEM)

Also available for Model 3, Model S and Model X