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Article: 5 Upgraded Tesla Model 3 (Highland) Features That Make It Feel Like A Model S

5 Upgraded Tesla Model 3 (Highland) Features That Make It Feel Like A Model S

5 Upgraded Tesla Model 3 (Highland) Features That Make It Feel Like A Model S

Tesla's updates to the new Model 3 were subtle. Apart from a new front fascia and rear lights, the new Model 3 still looks very similar to its previous generation. But Tesla's improvements to its vehicles are never skin deep. A closer look at the new Model 3's improvements suggests that the vehicle, at least based on Tesla's current vehicle lineup as of writing, has practically become a mini Model S. 

The Model S is Tesla's flagship sedan. It was the car that really proved that electric vehicles cannot just stand toe-to-toe with the best combustion-powered vehicles in the market -- they can be better. Tesla has maintained the ethos of the Model S for the most part over the years, but even today, it is undeniable that the Model S is still the electric vehicle maker's flagship sedan. 

Here then are five features in the upgraded Model 3 that makes the vehicle feel like its larger and (substantially) more expensive sibling. 

Stalkless Driving System 

The Tesla Model S and Model X made headlines in 2021 when they were launched with no gear selector stalks. It was initially controversial, but it was eventually accepted as the controls of choice for Tesla's best vehicles in its lineup. This system has now been incorporated into the upgraded Model 3. 

The upgraded Model 3's new steering wheel incorporates haptic feedback buttons for turn signals, headlights, and other essential functions. The buttons, which enable the activation of and confirmation of functions like windshield wipers, may feel unfamiliar for those who are not used to Tesla's stalkless driving system, but it is something that could easily be learned after some time driving the vehicle. 

Auto Shift to Park

Further elevating the driving experience, the Model 3 Highland introduces predictive shifting in the form of Auto Shift to Park. Previously exclusive to the Model S and Model X, Auto Shift to Park leverages sensor data to intelligently suggest the appropriate gear (Drive or Reverse) based on the vehicle's surroundings and historical driving patterns. Of course, drivers still retain complete control and can easily override Auto Shift to Park's suggestion with a simple swipe on the touchscreen. 

Rear Display

One of the best updates to the Model S' interior in 2021 was the addition of a rear display. This display is now available on the new Model 3 as well. The Model 3's rear display is an 8-inch touchscreen located at the back of the center console, which allows rear passengers to watch Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, and Hulu, among others. Passengers also have access to two USB-C ports, and they can also control the radio, A/C vents, and temperature from the rear display. 

High Quality Interior 

Responding to customer feedback, the upgraded Tesla Model 3 introduces standard ventilated seats, which is a welcome feature considering the vehicle's trademark panoramic glass roof. Reviewers have also pointed out that the overall material quality throughout the new Model 3's cabin has been improved. Seats are now cushier, more supportive, and provide enhanced comfort for extended journeys. This commitment to passenger well-being extends to the armrests and touch panels, which have been softened for a more tactile and enjoyable experience.

While the upgraded Model 3's interior is not exactly better than the Model S or Model X, it is getting pretty close. 

Cabin Noise Improvements 

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 Highland achieves a remarkable 20% reduction in cabin noise compared to its predecessor. This welcome improvement directly addresses a common critique of the previous model, where wind and road noise were noticeable at higher speeds. The key to this achievement lies in Tesla's strategic use of acoustic glass on all windows, not just those at the front. Such a quiet cabin is practically worthy of a flagship vehicle like the Model S, which is known for its comfort during long drives. 

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