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Article: Top 3 Reasons Upgrading to a Tesla Model 3 Highland is Worth It


Top 3 Reasons Upgrading to a Tesla Model 3 Highland is Worth It

The Tesla Model 3 is, in a lot of ways, a vehicle that has a lot of staying power. During the previous generation Model 3's six-year run, it sold an estimated 2.3 million units. That's very impressive, especially if one were to keep in mind that the original Model 3 was Tesla's first mainstream car. 

One could then not be faulted for thinking that it may be unnecessary to opt for the upgraded Model 3. While the new Model 3 will definitely be on the shortlist of any driver looking for the best electric car on the market, would it make sense for existing Model 3 owners to opt for Project Highland as well? 

We at Teslarati would argue that, yes, the new Model 3 is very much worth the upgrade. Here are three of our biggest reasons. 

Its Interior is Significantly Better

As a driver, you would be spending most of your time in your car's cabin. Fortunately, the upgraded Model 3 boasts a comprehensively redesigned cabin that prioritizes user-friendliness and passenger comfort. This is immediately evident in the vehicle's ventilated seats, a feature that's been highly requested by consumers. 

The upgraded Model 3's seats are now cushier as well, offering superior support and enhanced comfort for long drives. This attention to detail carries over to the armrests and touch panels, which have been softened to provide a more tactile and enjoyable user experience. Even the Model 3's traditional wood trim on the dashboard has been replaced with premium fabric, invoking a more modern, sophisticated aesthetic.

Tesla introduced wraparound ambient LED lights to elevate the ambiance inside the upgraded Model 3's cabin as well. This feature, alongside the premium 17-speaker sound system for the Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD, provides a cabin experience that is notably superior compared to the previous generation Model 3.

It's Simply the Best Bang-for-the-Buck Tesla Available Today

The Tesla Model 3, with all its upgrades and changes, remains the electric vehicle maker's most affordable vehicle today. In the United States, the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), the car's base variant, starts at $38,990. The Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD), on the other hand, is priced at $45,990 before options. Considering the improvements that have been implemented on the new Model 3, customers can get quite a lot of car for the vehicle's price. 

The value of the upgraded Model 3 gets highlighted even more if one were to consider the fact that the car is equipped with some of Tesla's latest tech and its cabin features several Model S-inspired touches. At its current price, there are simply very few vehicles -- if any -- that can stand toe-to-toe with the upgraded Model 3 for its safety, performance, and standard Autopilot features. 

It Has the Latest "Traditional" Tesla Exterior to Date

The upgraded Tesla Model 3 features a revamped exterior, but it still looks very much like a sleek, aerodynamic sedan. Tesla's latest product is the Cybertruck, which follows a completely different design scheme. Expectations are high that Tesla's next projects — the next-generation platform and the dedicated robotaxi — would follow a theme that's somehow inspired by the Cybertruck. 

If you want the latest Tesla but are not fond of the Cybertruck's angular looks, the Model 3 Highland is the way to go. With its aggressive, sharp headlights and sleek body, the new Model 3 looks every bit like a modern car -- just futuristic enough to draw some admiring gazes but not too shocking that it jars the senses like the Cybertruck.

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