Tesla Cybertruck Wrap Ideas from Fans

Tesla Cybertruck wrap ideas have been shared since the all-electric pickup truck was unveiled a few years ago. The concept of Cybertruck wraps quickly took root in Tesla’s customer base. 

matte black tesla cybertruck wrap

(Credit: OCDetailing

Matte Black Cybertruck Wrap

LakeStevensPete suggested a matte black Cybertruck wrap. Black wraps seem to be a favorite for the Cybertruck, probably because of its gritty post-apocalyptic vibe. A matte black Cybertruck wrap is also a little reminiscent of The Cape Crusader, particularly Christian Bale’s Batman. 

Bianco Carrara marble design

Marble Cybertruck Wrap

Meanwhile, Mini2nut thought the Tesla Cybertruck would look good in a Bianco Carrara marble vinyl wrap, usually used on smaller vehicles. Although a few Ford pickup trucks are known to sport the Bianco Carrara marble wrap sometimes. A darker black-gold marble wrap might suit the Tesla Cybertruck, too. 

Steel Top, Wrapped Bottom Cybertruck Design

(Credit: Stumby/CybertruckOwnersClub)

Steel Top, Wrapped Bottom Cybertruck Design

Stumby might have had one of the most unique Cybetruck wrap designs so far—including ideas that have surfaced recently in 2023. The Cybertruck Owners Club member suggested keeping the top half of the Cybertruck stainless steel and wrapping the bottom in black. Then, Stumby suggested separating the top half from the bottom with a colored pinstripe.

Cybertruck in blue camo

(Credit: @kjoule11/ X)

Cybertruck Camo

Shortly after unveiling the Cybertruck, Tesla discovered that customers wanted wraps for the all-electric pickup. Tesla teased customers with wrap ideas while testing the Cybertruck on roads before deliveries. Tesla’s camouflage wraps for the Cybertruck piqued people’s interest enough for them to consider Cybertruck camo wraps.