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Article: 5 Cool Tesla Cybertruck Wraps That Explore Your Dark Side

5 Cool Tesla Cybertruck Wraps That Explore Your Dark Side

5 Cool Tesla Cybertruck Wraps That Explore Your Dark Side

With Tesla Cybertruck vinyl wraps now available to consumers, the colors and designs that owners of the all-electric pickup truck could opt for are limited only by their imagination. The Cybertruck may not be for everyone, but anyone could sure make the Cybertruck a canvas for their expression and personal taste. 

This is something that has become evident over the weeks following the vehicle's first deliveries in late November. From standard colors to unique patterns that are inspired by Tesla's prototypes, the variety of Cybertruck wraps is growing by the day. 

The Cybertruck is already a brutalist vehicle, and it is designed to look like it could survive the literal apocalypse. It is then not too difficult to be drawn to Cybertruck wraps that are a bit on the dark side. Here then are some of the best dark Cybertruck wraps that have been shared online to date, at no particular order. 

Satin Gold Dust Black


Satin Gold Dust Black looks a bit like regular Satin Black from afar, but upon closer inspection, you would see that its surface is covered in dark metallic flakes. This means that the Cybertruck wrap changes its look subtly as you approach or move away from it. During sunny days, it features a distinct, muted shine, and on overcast days, the subtle sheen of the metallic flakes gives the Cybertruck an almost monolithic air. 

Dark Platinum Colored PPF


While one can argue about the merits of using paint protection film (PPF) on a vehicle that uses no paint, there is no denying that the effect of Dark Platinum Colored PPF on the Cybertruck is absolutely stunning. The reflective nature of the PPF makes the Cybertruck look like it's carved out of obsidian, and the dark platinum shade on the PPF darkens the vehicle just enough to make it look very futuristic and immensely badass. 

Satin Flip Volcanic Flare


Sometimes, you just have to choose a color that is uncommon but still dark enough to give the Cybertruck some serious apocalyptic vibes. Satin Flip Volcanic Flare achieves this through its shade-shifting surface that changes from red to dark gold depending on where you're looking. As can be seen in photos of the Cybertruck vinyl wrap, Satin Flip Volcanic Flare can look very close to Satin Gold Dust Black during overcast days. Close up, its shade-shifting properties are downright mesmerizing. 

Black Camo Wrap


During the Cybertruck's final testing phase, numerous release candidates and wrapped prototypes from Tesla were spotted across the globe. Some of these prototypes were wrapped in camouflage patterns. The EV community loved these factory Cybertruck wraps, so it is no surprise that a Cybertruck owner has now decided to cover his all-electric pickup truck with a Black Camo Wrap. The wrap's overall effect definitely brings out the Cybertruck's dark side, highlighting its tough-as-nails air. 

Special Mention: Matte Black + Side Mirror Delete


Of course, we cannot forget about the OG dark Cybertruck wrap and the first color that Elon Musk appreciated on X (then Twitter) following the original Cybertruck prototype's unveiling in late 2019 — Matte Black. A Matte Black Cybertruck will always look like the Batmobile, so it would already look badass from the get-go. But with the simple removal of the vehicle's side mirrors, the Matte Black Cybertruck immediately elevates its appearance. Without its side mirrors, you could almost see Elon Musk's original vision for the all-electric pickup truck come to life. 

Image Credit: The Diamond Auto Salon/Instagram

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