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Article: Black Tesla Cybertruck Vinyl Wraps: Matte vs Satin vs Glossy Black


Black Tesla Cybertruck Vinyl Wraps: Matte vs Satin vs Glossy Black

The Tesla Cybertruck is already a crazy-looking vehicle, and when it's wrapped in black, it becomes even more badass. You want to establish your presence on the road? A Black Cybertruck is the way to go. This is probably the reason why Tesla's own Chief of Design, Franz von Holzhausen, has been spotted driving around in a black Cybertruck. 

Choosing the right black Cybertruck wrap is not as simple as selecting the original Model 3's default paint option. There are several types of black Cybertruck vinyl wraps to choose from, such as matte black, satin black, or glossy black. Each has its own characteristics and quirks, so read on if you are considering a black wrap for your Cybertruck. 

Matte Black Cybertruck Wrap


A matte black vinyl wrap has very little reflectivity, so it will give your Cybertruck such a murdered out finish that it will look like the Batmobile. With a matte black wrap, your Cybertruck will look even more unreal than it already is. But all this coolness comes with some strings attached. 

As mentioned by vinyl wrap installers, matte black wraps show marks and fingerprints pretty easily, so they require quite a bit of care to maintain their clean, muted look. This means that you'd probably have to clean your matte black Cybertruck more often than usual, especially if it will be parked in an area where it could be hit with things like bird droppings. 

Satin Black Cybertruck Wrap 


A satin black wrap is a bit more reflective than matte black, but it will still give the Tesla Cybertruck a pretty muted and sophisticated look. Tesla itself offers a satin black PPF for the Cybertruck, though it costs a steep $6,000+, including installation. Appearance-wise, a satin black wrap will give your Cybertruck a shinier appearance than matte black. 

Because it's more reflective than matte black, a satin black wrap for your Cybertruck would handle fingerprints and other marks better. It would still be a good idea to clean your satin black Cybertruck immediately if the vehicle is hit with things that could stain the vinyl wrap, however. 

Glossy Black Cybertruck Wrap


The Cybertruck cannot be painted due to its stainless steel exterior, so the only way to give the all-electric pickup truck a "painted" look is to go for a wrap with a glossy finish. It's pretty hard to deny that a Cybertruck wrapped in glossy black vinyl wrap looks absolutely sleek and clean. Thanks to its high reflectivity, a glossy black Cybertruck will look like a giant black diamond, especially at night. 

What's particularly interesting about glossy wraps is the fact that they're pretty surprisingly resilient, with minor scratches being fixable with a heat gun. However, all those glossy panels get dirty easily, too, so be prepared for some frequent cleanings. 


The Cybertruck looks great in any color, and in black, it is absolutely stunning. Overall, if you want to give your Cybertruck a darker, stealthier look, a matte black wrap would be the way to go. If you want most of the advantages of matte black with less maintenance, a satin black wrap would be a great option. And if you would like your Cybertruck to look luxurious and classy, a glossy black wrap would do the trick. 

As for their maintenance, matte black and satin black would be great options if your Cybertruck will be parked in a garage. This much is true for any vehicle that is painted or vinyl-wrapped with a matte or satin finish. A glossy black Cybertruck, on the other hand, would probably tank more damage from things like bird droppings, but it would also get dirty quite easily. 

Image Credit: ashlynmckibben/Instagram

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