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Article: Top 10 Tesla NACS Supercharger Questions for Non-Tesla EVs Answered

Top 10 Tesla NACS Supercharger Questions for Non-Tesla EVs Answered

Top 10 Tesla NACS Supercharger Questions for Non-Tesla EVs Answered

Tesla has formally opened its Supercharger Network to NACS-compatible vehicles. With the support of the Supercharger Network, EV owners in North America would likely be able to go on long trips with absolutely no range anxiety.

As of writing, Ford EVs have gained access to NACS Superchargers, but other brands are following suit. Now, Tesla Superchargers are quite a different kind of animal compared to other fast chargers out there. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a quick guide that answers some of the most common questions about Tesla’s Supercharger Network, and how you can use it as a non-Tesla owner.

1. Do I really need to download the Tesla App to use NACS Superchargers for my non-Tesla EV?

Yes. Accessing Superchargers for non-Tesla electric vehicles requires the use of the Tesla app. The Tesla app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

2. How do I know which Superchargers are open to NACS?

To see which sites are compatible to charge your vehicle, add your vehicle details to the Tesla app or use this interactive map.

3. How fast can I charge my non-Tesla EV

Charging speeds vary by Supercharger and vehicle. You can see the max charging speeds of each Supercharger in the Tesla app.


4. Is NACS the same as SAE J3400?

Yes. "NACS" is the common name for the "NACS J3400" standard published and maintained by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). NACS was originally developed by Tesla and deployed in 2012 with the first Supercharger and Model S vehicle. The standard was opened in 2022 with the goal of industry-wide adoption. Tesla then worked with industry and technical experts through SAE to publish the standard renamed NACS J3400. 

5. How do I know if Superchargers are online?

You can view Supercharger site availability information in the Tesla app.

6. Tesla Superchargers are confusing. How do I know which stall to use?

Each Supercharger post has a label with a unique identifier at its base. For example, if you are taking the cable from post 4A, simply select post 4A in the Tesla app. Do take note that if you don’t remove the connector within 30 seconds and plug in within one minute of selecting a post, you’ll need to start over.

7. How do I pay for my charging session?

You can pay at any Supercharger using the Tesla app by adding a payment method to your Tesla Account. A limited number of Supercharger sites also allow you to pay through a major credit card or mobile payment service.


8. Pay-per-use is expensive. Can I get lower Supercharging rates? 

Yes, just sign up for the Tesla Supercharging Membership program. Tesla's Supercharging Membership allows EV owners to Supercharge at the same price as Tesla vehicle owners. Just tap on your name in the Tesla App, tap on “Charging,” then “Membership,” then “Sign Up.” 

9. My EV is done charging but I'm not ready to go. Can I just leave my car plugged in?

Try your best not to. Tesla Superchargers are used by all electric vehicles today, so please vacate the charging stall once you’re done. Tesla also implements idle fees to ensure that stalls are open for everyone to charge. Turn on push notifications in the Tesla app so you can receive a notification when idle or congestion fees may apply during your Supercharging session.

10. The Supercharger cable does not reach my EV’s charge port. What do I do?

Most Supercharger cables at NACS Supercharger sites should be able to reach your EV charge port, but in the event that they don’t, you might have to park over the line in order to charge comfortably. Try to avoid parking diagonally to reach the cable and try to obstruct as few charge posts as possible, so other EV owners can access the stalls in the Supercharger.

Check out our guide on How to Use Tesla's NACS Superchargers as well! 

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