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Article: Tesla Cybertruck’s Baja Mode is Track Mode dialed up to ludicrous

Tesla Cybertruck’s Baja Mode is Track Mode dialed up to ludicrous

Tesla Cybertruck’s Baja Mode is Track Mode dialed up to ludicrous

Tesla designed the Cybertruck to be a beast on off-road terrain. To highlight this, the electric vehicle maker has created a dedicated driving mode for high-speed off-road driving. Called “Baja Mode,” the feature is the Cybertruck’s “Track Mode” — but for off-road applications.

Here’s what you need to know about the Cybertruck’s Baja Mode. Do take note that Baja Mode allows the Cybertruck to move at very high speeds on dirt roads or the desert, so make sure that you exercise extreme caution if you do decided to try it for yourself (Hat tip to Tesla Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill for posting an explainer on X). 

With Baja Mode engaged, the Cybertruck could be tuned for high-speed driving on dirt roads or the desert with optimized suspension and traction control. 

Similar to Track Mode for vehicles like the Model 3, Baja Mode allows drivers to make changes to the Cybertruck’s driving dynamics according to their specific preferences. 

The Handling Balance Slider, for one, allows drivers to choose if they prefer more understeer or oversteer.

Stability Assist, on the other hand, allows drivers to select their desired amount of stability control and intervention. There are three modes for Stability Assist under Baja Mode: 

  • Standard - Less strict than the Cybertruck's On-Road modes. Both Traction Control and Stability control are still actively helping the driver when "Standard" is engaged.
  • Reduced - Traction control is minimized and stability control is still helping to keep the vehicle moving in the desired direction
  • Min - Puts the driver in complete control with minimum intervention from either Traction control or Stability control. 

The Terrain Slider adjusts damping tune and ride height to what is best suited for specific surfaces. There are three terrain settings that drivers could select. 

  • Smooth - Medium ride height and damping set to minimize pitch/roll while driving/drifting
  • Rugged - High ride height and a damping tune to soak up the whoops and bumps. This is the optimal setting for Baja-style driving.
  • Clearance - Very High ride height, which is meant to be used to temporarily overcome obstacles.

Do take note that if the Cybertruck detects that it is airborne, the vehicle’s dampers will adjust to attempt to protect the vehicle while landing. 

Remember, Baja Mode must be used responsibly. Don't overestimate your driving abilities and exercise caution the whole time. Happy off-roading!

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