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Article: Top 5 Tips for Using Your Tesla Cybertruck's Wade Mode


Top 5 Tips for Using Your Tesla Cybertruck's Wade Mode

While bodies of water can create hazardous and unpredictable road conditions for most vehicles, the Tesla Cybertruck is anything but standard. Whether you're off-roading and need to cross a body of water, or navigating an area prone to flooding, the Cybertruck's Wade Mode can be a lifesaver.

With Wade Mode engaged, the Cybertruck can navigate up to 32.5 inches (2.7 feet) of water. This depth should be sufficient for most streams, rivers, or flooded areas. However, even for a tough vehicle like the Cybertruck, there are best practices to follow when driving through water.

Tesla Cybertruck Wade Mode: 5 Crucial Tips for Safe Water Crossing

The Cybertruck's Wade Mode allows it to handle up to 32.5 inches (2.7 feet) of water depth. While this depth tackles most common obstacles like streams and flooded roads, responsible driving practices are still essential. Here are 5 essential tips to remember when using the Cybertruck's Wade Mode:

1. Assess the Terrain Before Crossing


Before venturing into water, conduct a terrain assessment. This includes:

  • Water depth: Ensure the water depth is within the 2.7-foot limit of Wade Mode. A good indicator is if the water reaches above the Cybertruck's 33.5-inch tires. If the water level significantly surpasses the wheels, it's likely too deep.
  • Water flow: Look for still or slow-moving water. While the Cybertruck is hefty at over 6,600 pounds, strong currents or rapids can destabilize the vehicle and pose serious safety risks.
  • Obstacles: Check for potential hazards like debris, road damage, or submerged objects that could snag or damage the Cybertruck.

2. Be Mindful of Time


Activating Wade Mode is a simple process. The system prepares the Cybertruck for water travel by raising the ride height to "Very High" and pressurizing the battery pack for protection. However, full activation takes up to 10 minutes. Additionally, Wade Mode has a 30-minute maximum duration before automatically disengaging. Ensure your water crossing can be completed within this timeframe.

3. Slow and Steady Wins the Race (Across the Water)


Once in Wade Mode, maintain a slow and steady pace while crossing the water. Speeding through water can potentially harm your Cybertruck or pose a danger to others nearby. Tesla recommends a safe speed of 1-3 mph (2-5 km/h) while using Wade Mode. Never disable Wade Mode or shift the Cybertruck to Park while in the middle of a body of water.

4. Keep Moving Forward


If possible, avoid stopping while driving the Cybertruck through water. In conventional vehicles, stopping in flooded areas can allow water to enter sensitive electrical and mechanical components. While the Cybertruck is a robust all-electric steel pickup truck, Tesla's Cybertruck Owner's Manual still advises against stopping when crossing water. If the water depth becomes too much, it's best to turn back and choose an alternative route.

5. Perform a Post-Flood Check


After crossing any body of water, thoroughly inspect your Cybertruck. Although it has regenerative braking, check the Cybertruck's physical brakes as they may be temporarily waterlogged and less effective. Inspect the underbody for any damage and the interior for potential leaks. If water seeped into areas like the doors or the vault, take time to dry them out thoroughly.

By following these tips and prioritizing responsible driving, you can ensure a safe and successful water crossing using your Tesla Cybertruck's Wade Mode. Remember, even with advanced features, caution and responsible driving are crucial when navigating challenging conditions.

Featured Image Credit: TechRax/YouTube

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