Elon Musk celebrates Easter with Tesla FSD one-month free trial

 Elon Musk is celebrating Easter by offering a one-month free trial of Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) to all cars capable of FSD in the United States. 

Tesla started offering one-month free trials for FSD to US customers who purchased a Model S, Model X, or Model Y. TeslaMojo suggested on X that the free trial period should also be offered to existing Tesla owners who have never experienced FSD. 

Whole Mars Catalog reposted TeslaMojo's suggestion, and Elon Musk replied: "All US cars that are capable of FSD will be enabled for a one-month trial this week."

(Credit: Gail Alfar)

As Easter looms closer, it would be a great time for new and existing Tesla owners to test FSD's capabilities. Tesla's recent FSD promotions hint that the company has made significant improvements to the software. 

In May 2023, Elon Musk noted that Tesla would roll out free month trials to all its cars in North America once FSD ran smoothly. That time seems to be now.

Tesla is also offering FSD test rides to customers whose cars are in service. Customers taking delivery of new Tesla vehicles also receive a short FSD test ride, revealing how much the company is promoting Full Self-Driving. 

Tesla offers Full Self-Driving capability for $12,000. Tesla FSD includes all Basic and Enhanced Autopilot functions, Autosteer on city streets, and Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control. Customers may also purchase a monthly FSD subscription that starts at $99 per month. A subscription for Enhanced Autopilot to FSD capability costs $99 a month, while Basic Autopilot to FSD capability costs $199 monthly. 

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