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Article: What to do when your Tesla Cybertruck gets "Cyberstuck"

What to do when your Tesla Cybertruck gets "Cyberstuck"

What to do when your Tesla Cybertruck gets "Cyberstuck"

Even the mighty Cybertruck can get stuck, especially when conquering unpredictable terrain. Sand, snow, gravel, streams, and rocks – these elements can all bring your journey to a halt. But fear not, intrepid Cybertruck driver! Tesla, in its official off-road Cybertruck guide, provides valuable tips to help you get unstuck and back on track.

Maximizing Traction

  1. Overland Mode: This mode is your first line of defense, optimizing various settings for improved traction.
  2. Suspension Height: Raise your suspension until the vehicle clears the obstacle, but avoid lowering it to prevent underbody damage.
  3. Terrain Mode: Choose the setting that best matches the surface – Rock for high traction, Sand for momentum in loose terrain.
  4. Locking Differentials: Engage front and/or rear locking differentials for maximum grip.
  5. Trail Assist: This feature helps you crawl through difficult terrain with steady, controlled progress.

Additional Countermeasures

  1. Deflate Tires: Lowering tire pressure to 36 PSI increases contact with the surface, aiding in regaining traction.
  2. Traction Boards: These handy tools improve individual wheel traction, increasing your chances of escape.
  3. Stack Rocks: Create a solid base under your wheels for added grip.
  4. Recovery with Another Vehicle: Utilize recovery equipment to pull your Cybertruck free with the assistance of another vehicle.

Bonus Tips

  • Smoothness is Key: Avoid excessive wheel spin and maintain momentum whenever possible. Trail Assist can be particularly helpful in this regard. Remember, relying on brute force to overcome obstacles often leads to damage.
  • Sand and Snow Strategies: In these situations, momentum is crucial to avoid sinking. Try to maintain forward motion, and if stuck, use Trail Assist at a very low speed to crawl your way out.

By following these tips and utilizing your Cybertruck's off-road capabilities, you'll be well-equipped to handle even the stickiest situations. Remember, preparation and a cool head are essential tools for any off-road adventure. So, get out there, explore, and conquer the challenges with confidence! 

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