Teslarati is bringing you an exclusive Racing Red Edition of the popular 3-TON jack stand used by Tesla owners worldwide.

The USA made, ultra-compact Rennstand (Rennen means race in German) has been a hit among Model S, Model 3 and Model X owners because it solves the problem of lifting and supporting your Tesla in the proper spot. Perfect for tire rotations of inspecting underneath your Tesla (fixing loose panels, cleaning, etc.)!

Raising the vehicle from the factory lift point ensures that the precious battery pack will not get crushed and out of harm's way. A Tesla-specific jack pad is included with each stand.



  • Prevents damage to the Tesla battery pack
  • Extremely compact
  • Simple to use
  • Adaptable to other vehicles with interchangeable jack pads
  • Weight rating per stand - 3 Tons
  • Minimum height 11.5 inches
  • Maximum height 16.5 inches
  • All Steel construction
  • Exclusive Racing Red Powder coated finish for Teslarati
  • Lightweight at only 14 lbs. ea.


The Best Way to Lift Your Tesla

We've included a comprehensive video from Model 3 owner and Youtuber, Brian of i1Tesla, that showcases the versatility and ease of use of the Safe Jack Rennstand.

NOTE: Always use operate with caution when jacking a vehicle. Use wheel chocks where needed and follow vehicle manufacturers jacking instructions. The operator must understand that common sense and caution are factors for ensuring maximum safety when operating heavy machinery and variables that cannot be built into a product.