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Tesla Model 3/Y Performance Pedal Set

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Bundle Offer:

Bundle Offer

Give your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y the look of the Performance pedals with this brushed stainless steel, non-slip pedal cover set!

This performance pedal set replaces the dull factory rubber covers for the accelerator and brake pedals.

Available for Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles, i.e. North America, most of Europe, etc) and Right Hand Drive (RHD), which applies to the UK, Australia, Hong Kong etc.)


The rubber composition used in this pedal set is the same as the Tesla factory pedals and requires some finger strength to maneuver into position. Once fitted, they're not going anywhere.

Tip: Some customers have noted that by leaving the pedals in the sun for an hour before installation (with the rubber side facing the sun) will help relax the rubber and make it more flexible for installation.

  1. Remove the existing rubber pedal cover on the brake (there's no cover on the accelerator). Do this by reaching behind the pedal, and folding back the rubber around the edges.
  2. To fit the new brake cover, start from the bottom, by fitting the cover from the bottom and sliding up. Then work the rubber around the edges of the pedal until it's fully in place. You can use your phone camera to check everything looks good.
  3. Use the same technique for the accelerator pedal. There's a small finger notch on the right side of the back of the pedal to assist with the fitment.


Tesla Model 3/Y Performance Pedal Set
Tesla Model 3/Y Performance Pedal Set Sale price$24.99 Regular price$39.99