Tesla Model Y All-Weather 3D MAXpider Floor Mats and Liners

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Tesla Model Y All-Weather 3D MAXpider floor mats are Coming!

Now Avail for PRE-ORDER! Customer delivery priority based on Order Date/Time.

July 11, 2020 Update: 

We're loving this product so far, especially after having done several real-world tests with it in our Model Y!

Check out some of the new photos that we shot while taking note of the NEW optional 2-piece LOWER trunk cargo liners!! This is the section below the rear trunk deck: a liner for the shallow section and one for the smaller deep section in between the two trunk side cubbies.

The timeframe for the first container of mats to arrive at the Los Angeles port is looking closer to late July/early August, with a second container arriving a couple of weeks after. First shipments will take place soon after, barring any delays with customs and port security, and with an ETA of August 21 (possibly sooner.)

NOTE: We're receiving a lot of customer calls and emails from TMC members regarding forum communications of possible July and early August deliveries. We are not familiar with this and our communications here are solely based on information we have for the first official sets of 3D MAXpider Model Y mats & liners to arrive in the port of Los Angeles, to which our earliest customers have pre-ordered.

There is a significant pre-order list that continues to grow by the day. The shipping priority will be based on the date/time of when the pre-order was placed. The first and second batches of pre-order have already been sold out, and we are now taking pre-orders for late September and October. We will, of course, communicate this frequently via email and/or phone calls, especially as your delivery nears. 

The name 3D MAXpider needs no introduction. Voted #1 by Tesla owners as THE BEST floor mats, due to their precision-PERFECT FIT, and unique triple-layer all-weather protection. The first batch of Tesla Model Y 3D MAXpider mats will be delivered on a first-come, first-serve basis and will ship from California.

TESLARARI is an official partner of 3D MAXpider. Best prices. Ships from California.


What's so special about these mats?

Buyers of floor mats typically only focus on "all-weather protection" and overlook comfort and appearance when making a purchasing decision and later regretting it.

3D MAXpider floor mats and cargo liners (frunk and trunk) have become synonymous with being the BEST floor mats among the Tesla community due to its unique triple-layer design that not only provides maximum all-weather protection, but they also look amazing and provide COMFORT!

Unlike other Tesla floor mats on the market that look and feel more akin to industrial hard plastic and have no grip (especially when wet), 3D MAXpider mats have a luxurious, textured finish and appear "carpet-like" in appearance from its multi-layer design.

TESLARATI has purchased Tesla's factory all-weather mats and Weather Tech mats in the past, but in our personal everyday experiences as drivers, we always turned back to the 3D mats because of this comfort and ease of cleaning in real-world use.

Also, the modern texture is paired with a lightweight layer of XPE Foam Cushion that helps absorb road vibrations and reduce interior cabin noise.

June 27, 2020 Update:

We're excited to announce that the 3D MAXpider rear cargo liner for Model Y will also include 2 additional pieces, specifically designed for the rear trunk "cubbies" that are located on each side of the trunk.

It's 100% protection that you won't find elsewhere!

Perfect for protecting the factory carpet from spills, drips, and overall dirt & debris from storing upright items (ie. wet umbrella, ice scrapers, car cleaning caddies, spray bottles, milk, groceries, etc) in the cubby.

When will my order ship? Can I get my floor mats sooner? 

TESLARATI has inventory on the first sets of US containers of mats and liners to arrive at the Los Angeles port. Please find our updates above.

Orders placed through TESLARATI will always be prioritized and part of the official US batch of Tesla Model Y floor mats that are authorized by 3D for direct shipping from their North American warehouse in California.

You will be the first to receive these mats (based on your pre-order date). We ship direct as a way to also provide peace of mind of authenticity. 3D does not officially sell Tesla floor mats on Amazon.

Can I get a discount for pre-ordering?


All pre-order customers will be buying at the lowest available price set by the manufacturer. The price will only go up from here.

Can I cancel my pre-order at any time?

Absolutely! We're customers too. We get it. 

Reply to your pre-order confirmation email and request a cancellation to get a 100% refund.

Because there is an extremely high demand for these mats, and limited supply on the first production run, we are taking pre-orders purely as a means to secure a customer's place in line (while also helping us offset some of the initial production costs.) 

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