This Iron Man-Inspired Tesla Cybertruck Wrap Surprised Everyone

There are Tesla Cybertruck wraps that sound strange on paper but end up being really good in real life. This was certainly the case when it came to an Iron Man-inspired Tesla Cybertruck wrap, which ended up being the favorite of numerous electric vehicle fans online.

Tesla Cybertruck wraps have mostly featured dark shades such as matte black or satin flip volcanic flare. This is no surprise as the all-electric pickup truck looks absolutely stunning in them. This is also one of the reasons why the Cybertruck could be a good vehicle to explore your dark side, so to speak.


But some Cybertruck fans love to experiment. And while some of these experiments can end up with rather polarizing if not questionable results, one such experiment was undoubtedly a success. The formula, as it turned out, was to lean into a deeper shade of red — one that matches the iconic Marvel superhero’s armor.

To be fair, the deep red Iron Man wrap of the Cybertruck worked extra well because it was paired with 22” wheels and carbon fiber fender flares from Unplugged Performance’s Invincible line. With its heavy fenders, the Iron Man-inspired Cybertruck looked truly imposing. Some commenters online also suggested that some gold wheels would probably be a good idea to complete the Iron Man look.


As could be seen in a post from Bespoke Design Lab, which installed the wrap, the vinyl wrap used in the vehicle was red chrome. The overall result was still subdued, however, with the wrap looking more like a dark satin red finish outside.

Tesla has been ramping its Cybertruck deliveries as of late, so it would not be surprising if more and more creative vinyl wraps of the all-electric pickup truck are shared online in the coming weeks. With the Cybertruck already a show-stopper by default, it would be interesting to see how much more attention wraps could give the vehicle.

Watch a video of the Iron Man-inspired Cybertruck below.