Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler (Laguna Seca Edition)

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Teslarati is proud to present this exclusive handmade Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber front spoiler, made right here in California!

We've partnered with Maier Racing, with deep roots in motorsports and race car manufacturing that spans over 40 years, to bring you this track-proven, high-performance aero component to life on a Model 3.

Looking for a Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber rear spoiler?

Here's the Story...

This Model 3 front spoiler design was made for a Time Attack Global race event held at Buttonwillow, CA. The results were very positive, dropping seconds off the lap times as a consequence of high-speed stability. The Tesla Model 3, tuned by Mountain Performance, ultimately went on to set the fastest lap of the event and would also go on to win REFUEL 2019 to set a Laguna Seca track record.

Tesla Model 3 carbon fiber front spoiler


This race-ready Model 3 front spoiler by Maier Racing is constructed from a plain weave Toray carbon fiber 3k TOE, 200gsm dry. This is woven by Composite Fabrics of America in Taylorsville, NC. We also use a layer of fiberglass in the middle for impact or damage stability.

We use polyester resins & clear gel coat for Marine applications to address the UV stability.

Every unit is handmade in California! There's Our goal is to make perfect parts yet, subtle distortions in the weave or pinholes in the gel coat are not unusual in 100% handmade products.


What is the ground clearance when compared to the OEM bumper lip?

This Model 3 carbon fiber front attaches to the factory's lower lip and extends forward, thereby having a negligible impact on ground clearance when compared to the factory ride height.


Is it real carbon fiber?

Absolutely! This isn't an overseas knockoff. You are purchasing a track-ready component that's been able to endure the rigors of Laguna Seca and some of the most challenging circuits.

We use a custom woven plain weave fabric made by Composite Fabrics of America in Taylorsville, NC. This special weave is an 8 by 12 unbalanced warp & fill. Meaning, we have fewer toes or strands in one direction. It helps to separate the material a little allowing the fabric to lay flat against the surface of the part, giving the appearance of a fatter bundle. We love the look of this!!


The entire unit is UV protected with a Polyester resin, marine UV stable gel coats, and ultimately PPG polyurethane clear coat with a touch of black pigment.
While there are companies out there that argue epoxies are the best way to laminate parts, the veterans at Maier Racing have found polyesters, in the long run, to be the best solution for non-yellowing, clear carbon parts over time.


Can I install it myself?

Yes for most DIYers, provided you have the ability to raise the car and safely gain access to the underside of the vehicle. We recommend placing a pair of Tesla-focused Safe Jacks on each of the front corners to raise the vehicle.

This Model 3 carbon fiber front spoiler attaches directly to Tesla's factory mounting points using 6 bolts (provided) and pre-installed 3M mounting tape. Holes need to be drilled ONLY to the carbon fiber tabs that fit up with the factory pop-rivet holes on the Tesla. Meaning, if you choose to take the parts off at some point, you can put the car back to original without addressing unnecessary holes.

Instructions are provided with each unit.


How much does it weigh?

Approximately ~4 lbs (~1.81 kg)


Will this affect range?

Our customers HAVE done millage test and reported “no noticeable” range changes. It is challenging to get perfect results in imperfect testing methods so, we can not officially make black & white claims.


What is the finish?

The carbon fiber comes in two finishes - clear coated and primer/black gel. For those looking for the natural carbon fiber weave to be visible, please order the Clear Gel Goat finish.

When the part comes out of the molds, they need to get some refinishing and touch up work done. If there are imperfections in the finish, like distortions in the carbon weave, we will primer it gray or black and sell it at a discount. Budget-conscious buyers that want the carbon fiber construction but intend to paint over the front spoiler or vinyl wrap should select the Primer/Black Gel finish.

We make all the parts the same in the sense of materials; gel coat is the first layer down, then polyester resin with the reinforcements of carbon fiber, then a layer of fiberglass and finally an additional layer of carbon fiber. When we use black gel coat, it covers any small imperfections or pinhole bubbles in the layup. These are non-structural issues, simply cosmetic.

When we use the clear gel coat, every little imperfection is visible and it takes a lot more time to get it looking great. Consequently, the clear gel coat parts cost more from a time and material standpoint. We also clear coat over the clear gel coat with a PPG Polyurethane that is helpful with the UV protection. This is yet more steps of sanding, painting, sanding, and buffing.

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