480° Phone Mount for Tesla (optional wireless charging)


This versatile phone mount, with optional wireless charging, is the perfect complement to your Tesla touchscreen!

Using Waze and extending the navigation of your Tesla Nav through additional cell phone apps has never been safer and easier to implement. 480-degree maneuverability ensures your mobile device is always at an optimal viewing angle and hands-free.

Attach this phone mount on the passenger side and fire up Netflix, Disney+, or any favorite video streaming service, to create the ultimate in-car movie theater experience, while on the go (not for driver use in this example.)

NOTE: Charge your phone while it's mounted. Optional wireless charging capabilities available by selecting "Yes" in the dropdown.



  • Patented 480° rotation: 360-degree swivel ball and 120-degree adjustable hinge can facilitate a wide range of adjustments for the best viewing angle.
  • Quick-release clamp: Easy to pick and place your phone with a one-handed operation
  • Sticky & washable suction cup: Ultra sticky adhesive and washable suction cup provide strong adhesion that securely holds your device at the back of Tesla's screen and leaves no residue.
  • Custom-fit for your Tesla touchscreen: Includes installation template for a perfect fit.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James Donchess

480° Phone Mount for Tesla (optional wireless charging)

Richard Yau
coin flip. I like it and don’t like it.

1. the “template” to install it was not designed well and it didn’t really work. although the cardboard sits on the screen well, the mount doesn’t stay in the teamplate well. It was easier to just remove it and do it without the template.

2. the swivel arm of the mount is not long enouhg to clear the screen when pivoting and so it’s possible to bump/scratch the screen (or atleast scare you when you bump the screen that it might scratch it). But this is also a good thing in that the phone stays pretty tight with the screen so iyour phone’s screen is viewable.

3. The “sizing” design is…. not the most advanced and although its quick and sorta does the job, it’s not the best fit you will have. even though for the most part it holds well, my phone HAS fallen out of the mount once from a simple bump of the arm to the phone (not even driving). Lastly, it takes a while to get used to putting the phone in/out of this mount.

4. I bought this specifically for it’s rotational purposes as i like to use my phone in landscape mode for gps.. plus this keeps your view out your windshield at the max. so it’s nice to have this swing up and have my phone portrait right on the top edge of my screen. But rotating it is hard and not easy. More than once it made my mount un-mount from the screen!

5. lastly.. now that it’s not really that useful or i’ve decided not to really use it (the mount works “enough” to use it. but realized the phone gets so much MORE HOT being up there near the windshield rather than in the Qi charger- that i’ve decided i’m going to keep the phone in the Qi wireless charger bay instead where it can stay nice and cool. THE PROBLEM IS.. now i can’t get the darned mount OFF OF MY SCREEN! It’s on TOO SECURELY now! eeeks!

So.. does it work? Yes.
Does it have some nice features I prefer over others? yes.
is it a nice slim form factor as far as placement of phone relative to screen? yes.
But man is it quirky and annoying at the same time. I can’t even take it off now!

So think real hard if the features are worth it and enough of a need to get this over others that don’t have some of its features.

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