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Scentwedge for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Air Freshener (Rear Air Vent)

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Include ScentWedge Kit for Front Air Vent:

Include ScentWedge Kit for Front Air Vent

Feel serenity in your Tesla with all-natural scents inspired by adventure!

Designed with a minimalistic and custom fit for the Model Y and Model 3 rear air vent, this array of custom-blended scents is the perfect complement to ScentWedge's Model Y/3 front air freshener kit.

Approx. 2-month supply.

What scents are included in the rear air vent Discovery Kit?


Valencia is the shimmering of golden rays through an orange orchard, the melody of leaves dancing in the warm breeze, and the sweet aroma of citrus just before harvest. As sunset approaches the horizon, you pluck an orange from its branch and inhale the final moments of a perfect summer day.

Notes: Valencia Orange. Mandarin. Tangerine. Petitgrain


Big Sur

The fog slowly rolls over the distant horizon, spreading its reach over the rugged, earthy terrain of the sand-rocky coastline. Feel the distant breeze strengthen as the mist combs over your being. Envision the crisp, wood-like aroma of cedar manifest before you as you let your fingertips graze the tips of sage plants scattered among the dry pathway, the softness of the plant leaves drawing your mind to inner peace. Take a piece of Big Sur with you on your next Tesla adventure with this ScentWedge.

Notes:Sage. Cedar. Breeze. Frosty. Fresh. Mist.

Grounded is an experience. Feel the chill behind the morning fog nearly overwhelm your spirit, the scent of crisp, morning rainfall immersing you within the phenomena of the elusive coastal redwoods, as you drive beneath their moistened canopies. Become one with nature as the nutty, bittersweet aroma of warm coffee keeps you immersed in the nuances of life on earth. This scent pays homage to the adventurer within us all.

Notes:Vetiver. Coffee. Fresh Rain. Vanilla. Fog


Coastal Forest is an elusive Californian experience. It’s the sound of waves colliding among the rocks, as the ocean spray coats your senses. It’s the warmth of the radiant sun; it’s light breaking between the gaps of Eucalyptus evergreen leaves, as you drive along the breezy coast on Highway One. Bring your inner soul to connect with the best of the Californian shoreline from the comfort of your Tesla.  

Notes:Eucalyptus. Green. Cool. Subtle hint of vanilla. 

How to Install Scent Wedge for Tesla Rear Vent

Scentwedge for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Air Freshener (Rear Air Vent)
Scentwedge for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Air Freshener (Rear Air Vent) Sale price$35.99 Regular price$39.99